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Ritz responds to I-STEP findings and A-F controversy

State Superintendent Glenda Ritz talks I-STEP score review and says an investigation is forthcoming into the A to F grading system in light of recent reports about grade changing.

Education news dominated headlines this week in Indiana.

From a somewhat surprising verdict on I-STEP scores to the sudden resignation of the state's former superintendent in Florida, we asked current chief of Indiana schools Glenda Ritz about this week's developments.

She made a stop at South Vermillion High School Friday evening to talk education as back-to-school time approaches.

When asked about her 2012 election opponent and former state superintendent Tony Bennett's resignation as head of Florida schools, Ritz had no comment. Bennett resigned amid allegations that he changed the grade of a charter school run by a prominent republican donor.

She did have this to say about the grade system, "The A to F grading system that was utilized in the 2012 school year is going to be going through an independent investigation to look into just what the issues were." She says she'll be working with State Senator David Long and State Representative Brian Bosma on the investigation.

Another investigation wrapped up this week into I-STEP scores after computer glitches caused test interruptions in over 90 percent of schools.

The findings revealed the interruptions didn't impact scores overall. Ritz says in a couple years ISTEP will be a thing of the past, and she's hoping the state moves in a different direction. "Our I-STEP system right now is a pass/fail approach and we remediate students who don't pass the test. I hope Indiana is going to go towards what I consider to be a growth model assessment in which we really know where students are performing in the state of Indiana."

Ritz says even though overall test scores didn't show an impact, the state will never know if individual scores were accurate had the interruptions not happened.

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