Residents of Casey Worry About Safety

Residents of Casey Worry About Safety

Two separate deaths are being investigated in Casey, Illinois on Wednesday. Residents of the small town say the events are disturbing.
The quiet town of Casey, Illinois with a population just over 2,700 was not so quiet Wednesday. Police are busy investigating two separate deaths within just hours and miles of each other. Residents of Casey say the events are disturbing.

"It worries me," said Elizabeth Collins. "We used to be a really small town. Quiet. You know? Quiet streets, and now we've gotten body dumps and murders and just right down my street."

Elizabeth Collins lives just a few houses down from where one of the bodies was found. Firefighters were called to a home on the 700 block of Jefferson Avenue early Wednesday morning.  The victim inside was identified as Gregory Scott Collins. His death is being ruled a homicide by the coroner. His body was schedule for an autopsy Wednesday afternoon.

"It frightens me," Collins said. "My daughter woke up to a loud noise around 12:30 last night, so did my neighbor. Shortly after is when we saw the lights for the fire department and stuff."

A second body was also found Wednesday near I-70. Police discovered skeletal remains in a field near the interstate. The incident is similar to one in October where remains were also found along I-70. Neither of the bodies have been identified. Collins says she'll think twice when she leaves her home now.

"It's taking over the town," Collins said. "More and more people seem to want to dump their bodies here and then people that you grow up with and talk to are getting murdered. I don't want my kids around that. I'll keep my door locked more often."
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