Propane Shortage Hits the Valley

Propane Shortage Hits the Valley

Propane suppliers all across the midwest are dealing with the shortage.
Propane suppliers like Greg Jordan with Ceres Solutions are leaving customers with more than just a bill right now.

"I'm telling them that supplies are really tight," Jordan said.

It's a message Blaine Davidson was surprised hear.

"It's going to get cold, and it's a cold winter and i hope it doesn't effect me," Davidson said.

That's because he heats his barn and house using propane.

"I better be conservative, and i hope everyone else is," Davidson said.

Propane suppliers all across the midwest are dealing with the shortage.

The extreme cold weather has customers using more fuel.

But that's not the only thing causing the problem.

"We had more grain this fall compared to the drought year and it was more wet as it came out of the field so it required more drying and tied up some supply," Joe Milner, Energy Manager with Ceres Solutions said.

As a result propane providers are scrambling to find enough supply to meet the increased demand.

"We're having to go several states south or west towards Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama those type areas," Milner said.

Going the extra mile though takes extra time.

"It takes us more time to keep are supplies in so we're trying to spread those out a little more and we're asking people to be conservative in their use," Milner said. 

A message now heard loud and clear.

"I'll be a lot more sparing on using it now that i know there is a propane shortage," Davidson said.

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