Police Familiar with Man Killed by Country Singer's Bus

Police Familiar with Man Killed by Country Singer's Bus

The Knox County Sheriff's Deparment say they've gotten several calls about 49-year-old Albert Kennedy walking along U.S. 41. Kennedy was hit and killed by country singer, Jason Aldean's, bus early Monday morning.
Country singer, Jason Aldean's, bus was driving north on U.S. 41 early Monday morning when it hit and killed 49-year-old Albert Kennedy.

"Our Knox County central dispatch had received a call of a possible pedestrian crash on U.S. 41 north-bound just north of Vincennes when fire fighters and deputies arrived they were able to locate a pedestrian that had been struck and apparently had wandered into the roadway," said Knox County Sheriff, Mike Morris.

Police say they've gotten calls about Kennedy in the road before. He was arrested on October 7 for blocking traffic and released three days later.

"He would walk from an area of State Road 550, the Emison and Oaktown area, within our county to Vincennes and turn around and walk back," said Sheriff Morris.

It is illegal to walk on the side of an interstate, but U.S. 41 is not an interstate.

"It's an unfortunate situation at the time," Sheriff Morris said.

Knox County investigators say the driver of Aldean's bus was following the rules of the road at the time of the crash. They do not suspect any foul play.

Jason Aldean was on the bus at the time of the accident. He released a statement on his Twitter page Monday afternoon saying, "With a heavy heart, I'm sad to say that a man passed away last night after stepping out in front of my bus in Indiana. In all the years I've been touring and all the miles we've driven, nothing prepares you for something like this to happen. I'm praying for Albert Kennedy's family and friends today and ask that you do the same."

The Knox County Sheriff's Department is conducting a full investigation on the accident. They expect to be finished with that in two to three days.
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