Pensky---Irsay Not Totally Off Base This Time

Pensky---Irsay Not Totally Off Base This Time


Nobody has bashed Jim Irsay more than I have. I think the franchise is in real danger of him making rash decisions at some point down the road, as opposed to simply making rash statements, which Irsay now does on a regular basis.

It will probably come as a surprise that I actually don't blame him for his comments about his disappointment of winning just 1 Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. I disagree with Tony Dungy, and don't feel Irsay's comments were at all a shot at Peyton Manning. They were, however, a loaded gun pointed at Bill Polian.

Irsay talked of wanting a more balanced team around Andrew Luck. Everyone knows the colts had most of their payroll and talent on offense during the Peyton Manning era. And we all know that when the Patriots had a veteran defense, the Colts offense just didn't get it done in the winter in Foxboro. That isn't s shot at Manning, it's the reality that the Colts did not have a roster that was built to win championships, if their offense wasn't putting up big numbers.

Irsay mentioned Brady's numbers not being terrific, but the only number that he cares about is three. He's won three Super Bowls, and was leading late in two others. Brady has lost as many as Manning's Colts have been to, and that's excluding the three he won. When Brady was winning those three, the Patriots had a defense filled with veteran hall of fame players. As soon as those defensive players started retiring, the Super Bowl victories vanished.

The fact that Irsay wants to build a more balanced roster should be the best news Colts fans have heard for quite sometime. Not only is it a wise decision, but it shows Irsay is capable of learning from his mistakes.

It's like the boy who cried wolf one too many times. Irsay has said and tweeted so many ridiculous things that this time, when what he was saying made total sense, the only thing people are doing is rolling their eyes and thinking there he goes again.
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