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Owen County Home To New Reality TV Series

Deep in the hills of southern Indiana and just around a bend on Porter Ridge Road you'll find country auto parts and its owner terry, who refuses to wear a shirt.
Deep in the hills of southern Indiana and just around a bend on Porter Ridge Road you'll find Country Auto Parts and its owner, Terry, who refuses to wear a shirt.

"What's the benefit of going shirtless? Number one I ain't got to worry about finding it. I ain't got to worry about cleaning it. I ain't got to worry about my mama washing it. That's where it all started, trying to save my mama money on laundry," Terry Porter said. 

Terry and his junkyard are the stars of a new reality show on the Discovery Channel.

The show "Porter Ridge" features a lively cast of characters including Elvis Andy, Jeff "The Bear Man" and Kayla, the girl next door, who really she lives just down the road!

"I grew up just about four houses down from Country Auto, and growing up down the road from Bear's is pretty cool. I think it's cool, other people might think I'm crazy," Kayla Wood said. 

The show paints a picture for viewers of what life far away from the big city looks like. It is the brain child of Jeff Watson.

Last June he e-mailed Duck Dynasty co-creator Scott Gurney and told him to check out his unique group of neighbors.

Gurney replied a little more than a half hour later.

"I would suggest that nobody else do that because we were fortunate and we were blessed and Scott probably won't answer all those emails. But he responded in 34 minutes and 45 seconds and the rest is history," Watson said. 

The show received some tough reviews from critics early on.

The cast says that comes with the territory and they realize they can't please everyone.

"You have to be comfortable with who you are and say some of 'em are going to like us. Some of them are going to hate us. You know we'll get negative reviews. Duck dynasty got negative reviews, but now they're getting 10-million viewers," Watson said.  

They can, though, be themselves at all times.

"You're going to see lots of exciting stuff. Now that's my opinion. Nobody else might not like it just cause I like it, you know what I'm saying. Because I like doing this stuff, that's why I'm here doing this stuff," Porter said.  
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