Nexstar CEO Rings the Opening NASDAQ Bell

Nexstar CEO Rings the Opening NASDAQ Bell

Nexstar Broadcasting President and CEO Perry Sook rang the bell to open trading on the NASDAQ exchange Tuesday morning. It was to celebrate then 10th anniversary of Nexstar Broadcasting becoming a publicly traded company.

It's a proud day here at WAWV. The president and Chief Executive Officer of the company which operates WAWV rang the opening bell on the NASDAQ floor this morning.

Perry Sook was joined by other Nexstar Broadcasting executives for the big moment on Wall Street.

Sook started Nexstar in the late 1990's.

 It became a publicly traded company 10 years ago.

Nexstar owns, operates, programs or provides sales and other services to more than 100 television stations.  

"Well I think when we think of Nexstar we think of a company that our successes and today's milestone are stepping stones and would not be possible without the hard work of over 3,000 employees, and while Nexstar is the company name, we are really a collection of local businesses serving local communities in 20 states all around the united states so at our heart we are a local service business and we happen to be publicly traded, " Sook said.

Our sister station, NBC 2 WTWO, was the second television station owned by Nexstar Broadcasting. 

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