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Local Politicians Weigh In on Proposed Same Sex Marriage Ban

States across the country are legalizing same sex marriage. Illinois is the most recent, while Indiana is debating adding the ban to the state's constitution.

States across the country are legalizing same sex marriage . Illinois being the most recent, while Indiana is debating adding a ban on same-sex marriage to the state's constitution.

"If we put it in the constitution and sometime in the future a legislature would want to consider to repeal the same sex marriage ban we have now just to consider it before you could even get a bill to committee we'd have to take it out of the constitution which would take another years," said Rep. Clyde Kersey, Indiana's representative for the 43rd district.

Indiana law already states same sex marriage is illegal , but adding the ban to the constitution would make it harder to reverse for future politicians. Several businesses including Eli Lilly and Cummins Diesel as well as many colleges across the state have come out saying their against adding the ban to the constitution. They think it will make their business less attractive to potential employees.

"I think it's one of those things that as we move on in time we'll find out. I tend to believe that it will not affect us negatively," said Rep. Alan Morrison from the 42nd district.

"It would probably affect a company's ability to hire quality folks so it will affect the economy from that stand point," said Rep. Kersey.

The Indiana House of Representatives will reconvene in January. They must pass the resolution before it would move to the Senate. Then, come next November Hoosiers would get their say.

"I think it will be important that if we pass this resolution in January or February that then if it's on the ballot in November we'll let Hoosiers speak," Rep. Morrison said.

"In the future they might want to consider a bill to repeal and the repeal might not go through but the people should have the opportunity to vote on it. The legislature should have the opportunity to vote on it."

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