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Local Lawmakers React to President's Address on Syria

Congressman Larry Buchson says the president's address on Tuesday didn't change his opinion on the situation in Syria.
Congressman Larry Bucshon says the President's address on Tuesday didn't change his opinion on the situation in Syria.

He will not support a resolution for a U.S. military strike in the region

Also, he's not sure about the Russian proposal for Syria to hand over their chemical weapons.

"I don't have a great deal of confidence that they will. I think it would be very difficult to confirm that they've given up their chemical weapons. That being said I'm open to see what happens," Bucshon said.

Indiana Senator Dan Coats was undecided on a military strike in Syria until Tuesday.
That's when he said he would not support a resolution authorizing the president to take military action in Syria.
Coats says the tipping point was a meeting he attended at the White House with Vice-President Joe Biden.   

"The tipping point was two hours in the situation room with the VP and an hour with the President meeting with our caucus on Tuesday. And the questions that I had and the concerns that i had weren't addressed to my satisfaction and so reaffirmed what i heard as i traveled across the state talking to Hoosiers," Coats said.

Senator Coats said the President's address Tuesday was not what he expected
He wanted president Obama to further expand on his plan for a military strike in Syria 

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