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Keeping Warm as Temperatures Drop

The Wabash Valley could see some of the coldest temperatures since 1994 in the next few days. Brian Keilly with Hoosier Heating & Cooling says to check your thermostat batteries and furnace filter before the cold hits.
The cold headed towards the Wabash Valley is bringing some of the coldest temperatures we've seen since 1994. The low then was -31. On Monday it could get down to -12 with a windchill of -30. Those cold temperatures will have your furnace working overtime. But there's some things you can do to make sure you're warm inside as the temperatures drop outside.

"Checking your thermostat, batteries are pretty cheap to replace. Then make sure they get changed and changing your filter," said Brian Keilly of Hoosier Heating & Cooling.

You should also clear all your vents of any toys, furniture or other debris. If you have a crawl space be sure the vents are shut. Cover your windows or fix any broken ones.

"If your furnace is running constantly right now to keep up, odds are it's not going to continue to keep up once it drops another 20 degrees so you may want to consider getting it serviced. Just in general getting it looked at making sure that it's at peak efficiency. Those are the big things you can do," said Keilly.

If you're looking for some extra heat don't turn to propane. In a five year span, fire fighters responded to over 1,000 fires caused by propane across the United States. Instead, Keilly suggests looking for safer alternatives.

"Probably the safest thing would to be sure you get a UL approved electric space heater, the ceramic type. Make sure it's plugged into an outlet, not an extension cord," said Keilly.
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