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Ivy Tech Adds Progams to Connect with Community

Ivy Tech is adding a veterinary technician program and diesel laboratory to the Terre Haute campus in the fall of 2014. Dr. Ann Valentine, Ivy Tech Terre Haute Chancellor, says she hopes a partnership with the community and the students in these programs can help both parties.
Enrollment at Ivy Tech Terre Haute is down this fall, but officials say they're not worried about the future of the institution.

That's because starting in the fall of 2014 they will have two new programs unique to the Wabash Valley.

Students will soon be able to enroll in a veterinary technician program and automotive students can begin working in a diesel laboratory.

The vet technician program will work with the Terre Haute Humane Society and the diesel lab will be an addition to the automotive program that already exists.

Ivy Tech Terre Haute Chancellor, Dr. Ann Valentine, says they're adding those programs because of the need in the area.

"I think that's the way of the future," said Dr. Valentine. "Is that communities and institutions are going to have to think about working symbiotically. What are things that we can do together because there isn't enough to pay for individual agencies to do everything that needs to be done. We have to be working together for the community welfare."

Dr. Valentine says Indiana railroad companies currently have 11,000 job openings with salaries beginning at $100,000 a year. Those jobs require the education Ivy Tech Terre Haute's diesel labs will provide.
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