Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum Preview

Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum Preview

The classes are approved, and you can now start training to get your concealed carry permit in Illinois. The instructors are swamped, receiving about 15 phone calls per day. Classes are filling up quickly.
Instructor Gavin McKee said, "I've just been patient and letting them jump through their hoops and do their thing." But now, he can officially start planning.

McKee was one of the first instructors approved in the state. His Macon County class is also one of the first to get the green light.

Here is what you'll learn. "The safety, the handling of the firearm. Cleaning, care storage," said McKee. That is the basic synopsis of the first eight hours. Some shooters with previous training, like veterans, will not have to take that part.

The second eight hours is required by anyone who is planning to apply for a permit in January. McKee says it will be a recap of the first part of class, with a few more practical exercises. "We would do some dry fire exercises, meaning you don't have ammunition, but you pull from a concealed position, so that you get to work with that and show them how to practice that."

McKee says you will also learn more about the law in Part Two, especially where you can and cannot carry. He says many may not be happy about all the hours, but it certainly doesn't hurt. "You need to practice. You can't just carry a gun and assume you'll know what to do once it is go time."

"Of course, you hope for no go time."

Applications for concealed carry will be available on January 5.  You have to have the training course completed before you can send in your application.

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