Hometown Hero-Andrew Slater

Hometown Hero-Andrew Slater

Marine Sgt. Andrew Slater is our latest Hometown Hero. The Terre Haute native joined the Marines at age 24 and has served 3 tours overseas. He also teaches ROTC and does community work in Topeka, KS.

Our latest Hometown Hero is Marine Sgt. Andrew Slater.  Sgt. Slater did not join the Marines until he was 24 but he's made up ground since. He's been on active duty for seven years. He's an ammunition expert and is currently a training officer in Topeka, Kansas.

Sgt. Slater frequently teaches in the ROTC program and is involved in several community services.

Sgt. Slater has served overseas three different times in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bahrain.

He was nominated by his mother, Paula Slater, who says her son will always be a hero to her and that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the accomplishments of Sgt. Andrew Slater, United States Marine Corps, our latest Hometown Hero.

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