Holiday Help: Tech Gifts for Mom & Dad

Holiday Help: Tech Gifts for Mom & Dad

We headed to the Verizon Wireless store in Terre Haute to find some popular gifts that parents and grandparents will enjoy. On the list? Home automation devices, a way to monitor your plant's health and tablets. The Verizon store in Terre Haute also offers free smartphone workshops on the weekend.
'Tis the season to get techie - no matter your age!    
"We are seeing moms and dads really gravitate from PCs to tablets because they're easier to use and easier to lug around. My mom said she would never own a tablet or a smartphone ever and now there's three iPads in that house," said Jim Campbell of Verizon Wireless.    

Experts at the Verizon Store in Terre Haute say a tablet can be the best present someone doesn't even know they want.

"It's something that they, once they get their hands on, they're like...this changes their life! It's super easy to use," said Campbell.
And the options for add-ons are endless.

Like this new Flower Power device. It's a monitor for your indoor plants, and sends you readings on the health and growth track -- even an alert when it needs to be watered. 

"It's actually pretty cool," said Campbell.  "So if you want to make sure your plant is healthy, we've got a device that'll do that."

And the latest in home automation can make you feel like a Jetson.

The WeMo, for example, lets you turn your lights on or off from anywhere.  

And the Nest can take things to a whole new level. It learns your heating and cooling patterns, and runs efficiently, just how you like it. 

"On top of that, when you're away you can set it from your phone or your tablet to an away mode," explains Campbell. "Then when you're on your way home from that trip, you get out from the airport and it's winter so oh I want my house to be can go ahead and start to crank that heat up so when you get home it's toasty for you."

Experts say these apps are easy for everyone to use.

"The Nest in particular has a really nice app that's just a series of dials and buttons," said Campbell. "You're just setting what you want just like your thermostat is being set. It's something you're used to."

A gift that keeps on giving long past Christmas.
Verizon also offers free smartphone workshops and tablet classes in the store on the weekends.

For more information, click here or call the store at (812) 232-1278.    
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