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Food Stamp Distribution Schedule Changes

This is the second major change to the program in just a matter of months.
A big change is in store for food stamp recipients.
This is the second major change to the program in just a matter of months.

Back in November food stamp benefits were cut across the board.
That impacted every food stamp eligible household.
Starting January 1, the program will change when it distributes its payments.

Currently everyone gets their food stamps at the beginning of the month.

In 2014 payments will be spread out over three weeks.
Its a move officials hope will prevent food pantries from being overwhelmed at the end of each month.
Food stamp recipients often turn to pantries when their benefits run out.
The sudden influx does place a burden on local food banks.     

"It does because sometimes we can't get them all through. We close at 3 pm and sometimes we're not done at that time, but we have to close the doors because we don't have enough food for anybody else. We have to has food left over to start the next week," Nancy Rudisal, manager at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Food Pantry said.

In January food stamp recipients will get half their benefits at the start of the month and the rest at a later date.
The new distribution date system will start in February.
Payment dates are based on the first letter of the recipient's last name.
To see a full list of those dates click here.
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