Food Stamp Benefits Cut Starting November 1

Food Stamp Benefits Cut Starting November 1

Millions of Americans on food stamps recently received an important notice about their monthly benefits.

The news: their benefits are being cut.

"I feel like every time where we get where we need to be, where we're secure and we feel a little safe and secure and we can start moving forward, they just rip the rug back out from underneath is again," A single mother of three children living in Terre Haute said. 

A temporary increase in food stamps ends at the end of October.

The increase was implemented back in 2009 in response to the economic downturn.

For one Terre Haute single mother with three children, the change means she'll have $70 less each month to put food on her table.

"Now how am I going to stretch this because we're already going to places like Aldi and Save-A-Lot, because i have three kids and two of them are boys and they eat me out of house and home."

Food banks across the Wabash valley are aware of the coming changes.

They're expecting to see an increase in clients.

"I would expect that through a number of things taking place right now that the needs going to increase," John Etling with Catholic Charities said.
A need that for some grows day by day.
"Getting creative is what it's going to be about. Trying to find the cheapest way to make whole healthy meals for the kids. They might have to do without some snacks or the juice that they like, or we'll have to go to a cheaper route."   

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