Family Ford Pickup

Family Ford Pickup

1956 Ford F-100 pickup has been in the same family for six generations. Jon Bowman, the fifth generation in this story, drives the truck to work each day. Bought by his great-great-grandfather in Daviess County 57 years ago.

A Daviess County man bought a pickup truck for use on the farm over a half century ago.

Six generations later it's still in the family and on the road.

In fact the current owner drives it to work every day and plans on keeping it until his 3-year-old son gets behind the wheel.

Tom reports if you go to Catlin Automotive's NAPA store north of Sullivan, you'll see an old green 1956 Ford F100 pickup parked on the side.

It belongs to Jon Bowman, who's great great grandfather, Gus Dant, bought it new 57 years ago for use on the farm north of Loogootee.

Gus drove it for a few years, then his son who eventually let his son, Jon's grandfather take the truck who drove it until the late 70's and early 80's.

Jon's cousin, Bob, then drove it like a typical teenager, including going to work each day to Jasper from his home north of Loogootee.

Jon says, "They had to rebuild the motor slightly, the put some rings and bearings in it. Bob said it was going through a quart of oil roughly every trip to Jasper and back, so it was smoking pretty bad."

It was then parked again, this time in a barn where Jon remembers it as a little boy.

Jon says, "And it would be sitting in there, not covered, it was, I said in the article, it was kind of scary-looking to me because I had never seen a vehicle that old, it was just parked there, just real quietly."

And it sat there for several more years, maybe started once in a while, until the fall of 20-11 when Jon and his grandfather debated whether to sell it or scrap it. 

Jon told him, "I can't afford to buy it. Very little what it's gonna cost. I really can't swing that right now. But, if you let me have it, I promise you I'll put it back on the road."

And after working on it all winter, he did in the spring of last year and he's been driving it ever since.


Jon says, "Mileage, it's probably going to sound far-fetched, given the age and as much as it's droven, driven, probably gonna guess 300,000 miles, roughly."

The truck has the same engine block, and except for the carburetor, the air cleaner, the wheels and a few minor changes, it's the same truck that old Gus bought back in 1956.

Ready for who knows how many more miles before it stops.

Jon recently found a questionnaire from Ford, dated 1956, in the glove box.

A form was provided to tell the company why it was purchased. I guess Jon could say to keep it in the family.

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