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Exploring Options For Union High School Students

Nearly 95 percent of students at Union High School say they won't stay in the Northeast School District after the end of the school year. That's according to a poll conducted by Save UHS, a group dedicated to keeping Union open. That's partially because there are three other high schools closer to Dugger, Ind. than North Central.

The decision to close two schools in the Northeast School Corporation has left many parents wondering where their student will attend school next year.

Save UHS, a group dedicated to keeping Union High School open, polled parents in Dugger and found only 5 percent of families asked said they would stay in the Northeast district.

In a 3-2 vote, the Northeast School Board decided to close the doors to Union High School and Dugger Elementary at the end of this school year. That means every student in the Northeast School District would attend North Central High School.

But in a poll conducted by Save UHS, 95 percent of families they asked in Dugger said they'd send their children to another district. That's partially due to the distance families would have to travel. There are three high schools closer to the town of Dugger than North Central.

It's 19 miles from Union High School to North Central. That's about a 23 minute trip. But there are schools in other districts that would be closer. Sullivan High School in the Southwest School District is 9.5 miles from Union. Shakamak High School in Green County is 13.5 miles away. The closest school is Linton-Stockton in Greene County. That's just 8 miles away.

But there's a process for attending a school outside of the district you live in.

According to the Indiana Department of Education, a district can charge what's called a transfer tuition. That's a charge to students that live outside of the district. So any of the districts mentioned could charge students from Dugger this fee.

But, the district being transferred to can deny a student based on guidelines from the state.

Monday, December 9, the Northeast School Board will meet again. One thing Dr. Mark Baker, Northeast School Corporation superintendent, mentioned is a transfer committee to assist in this transition.

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