Excise Police Expect Calm Homecoming

Excise Police Expect Calm Homecoming

Indiana State Excise Police expect a calm homecoming after a decline in arrests in recent years. They say it's in part due to businesses hiring off-duty police officers and ISU's Designated Walker program.
Indiana State Excise Police will be on the look out this weekend during Indiana State Homecoming.

Chief Patrick Fulford says they will be keeping an eye out for people that are highly intoxicated and bringing attention to themselves, especially by urinating in public or passed out.

Although homecoming is a high traffic time for excuse police, Captain Fulford says arrests have declined in recent years due to businesses and Indiana State working together to keep students safe.

"Over the past several years the business have really gotten together and usually they hire off duty police officers," said Captain Fulford. "There's not been a problem. They have placed Port-A-Potties along the route for people and that solved a lot of the problem. Actually behavior has really changed in the last several years."

Indiana State is also expected nearly 300 students as volunteers to be designated walkers along Wabash Avenue. They will help direct walkers and call for sober rides as needed.
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