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Duke Energy Ready for Winter Weather

Utility checking preparedness before weather hits. Reminds customers to call in outages.

Duke Energy is getting ready for the forecast winter weather.

It is following local forecasts. The company also follows weather services from it's Cincinnati location and gives every Duke office an hour-by-hour account of conditions.

Equipment is being checked and crews are all staffed in every Duke location in the Valley.

It's important for you, as a duke customer, to report any power outage.

Rick Burger of Duke Energy says, "Y

ou, as an individual, let's say if your whole subdivision's out, you still need to call in because we want to be sure when we get that circuit back on, everyone's back on, so we are asking everyone to call when you're out of service. Don't assume your neighbor's already called. We need you to call, too and you'll get a courtesy call back from Duke to make sure you're on, too."

Burger adds if you see a downed line do not touch it. If you are in an accident and a wire is on your vehicle, jump from the car, don't step out with one foot inside and one on the ground.

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