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Truck in Dugger Cafe Follow Up

More is known in the accident in Dugger late Tuesday morning.

The morning calm in a small restaurant in Dugger, Indiana was shattered when a semi-truck crashed into the front of the building.

The empty coal truck, driven by 63-year-old Gary Nash of Sullivan, had just turned the corner of State Road 54 and 159, the old Coal Mine Corner, and was headed south when it veered off the roadway and rammed into the Coal Miners Cafe and Pizza Shoppe.

Restaurant owner David Mauder says, "They were actually, pretty full, it had died down a little bit, but, I think the waitress said there was still like 11 people inside....inside."

Two women, 81-year-old Madge Booker of Sullivan and 66-year-old Gloria Bixler of Dugger, were sitting near the front window.  They were taken to the Sullivan County Community Hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.  Miraculously, no one else was hurt.

Mauder added, "Some of the other guys, this is Dugger, they're pretty tough guys around here, so bounced on guy all the way across the room.  He was fine. Pushed several people around."

Police think Nash may have had a medical episode of some kind, maybe a heart attack, that caused him to black out before the crash.

Mauder had just left the building.

He says, "I just came through, I came in and got coffee, drove to Sullivan. As soon as I sat down I got a call. They said, A semi came through the dining room and a lady was hurt.  I can't hear that right."

Mauder says he will re-open the restaurant, hopefully within a couple of weeks.  The truck driver was not ticketed and everyone said it was amazing no more serious injuries occured.

State Road 159 was closed at the site for about two hours while the wreckage was cleared.

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