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Donation Helps Sullivan County Salvation Army Meet Goal

Bob Hunley has been ringing bells for the Sullivan County Salvation Army for four years. But never before has he seen a donation like the one he received Monday night. Trent Hollon donated enough to put the charity over their goal of $24,000 for the year.
Bob Hunley has rang bells for the Sullivan County Salvation Army for four years. Never before has he seen a donation like this one.

"Well when I looked at it I asked him, I said is this right?" said Hunley.

What Hunley saw was a donation large enough to put the Sullivan County Salvation Army over their $24,000 goal this year. Just a week ago they needed nearly $5,000 to reach their target.

"He said you know, my truck is paid off and I've got everything I need and I saw where the Sullivan County Salvation Army needed money and I really wanted to help them meet their goal," said Hunley.

Sullivan County has one of the highest rates of unemployment and poverty in the state. Michelle Smith is the president of Sullivan County Salvation Army's advisory council. Smith knew meeting this year's goal would be a challenge.

"Well, I was excited because I was a little pessimistic we were even going to reach last year's goal," said Smith.

Trent Hollon made the donation. He's served several tours of duty and just recently returned back to his home in Sullivan County.

"It's going to help us probably help 30 more families than what we would have been able to help. It's hard to say exactly because we haven't set our budget yet for next year but it means probably at least 30 families that we're not going to have to say no to," said Smith.

"He truly knows the Christmas spirit," said Hunley.

Christmas Eve is the final day the Salvation Army of Sullivan County will be ringing bells for their red kettle campaign, but they take donations year-round.
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