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Displaced Residents Return to Clinton Chateau Apartments

96 people were evacuated from their homes at the Clinton Chateau apartments Thursday night.
"It's going to be a Halloween I'm not going to forget," John Mason said. 
That's because Mason was one of  96 people evacuated from their homes at the Clinton Chateau apartments Thursday night. 

"There were fireman everywhere they helped me get my stuff and i had some trouble getting back downstairs. I just ran of gas and they helped me," Mason said. 

The complex was cleared after heavy rain leaked through a temporary roofing structure and into the building's attic and electrical system.

Fire officials ordered the evacuation as a precaution.

James Brosam pastors the church that sits next to the apartment building.

He immediately opened the doors.
The church served as temporary shelter for those displaced.

"Some of them needed some clothes, we put some clothes on them and brought in seats. Anything we could do to make them comfortable," Rev.Brosam said. 

The residents later left the church and were bused to two area hotels for the night.

A transition Rev.Brosam said was flawless.

"They did it in a very organized way. They went out two by two and they let them go back to their apartment," Rev. Brosam said.

Something residents say they're thankful for.

"Thank you to the fireman in particular and to the red cross for coming over to the church and helping out," Mason said.

Three apartments at the complex suffered electrical damage, two of those also had some water damage.    
Restoration crews were on-site Friday working on those units.

The majority of residents were expected to return by Friday evening.
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