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Winter Still Being Felt Through Plants

Summer is making its presence known with high temperatures this week, but a lot of people are still seeing lingering signs of the brutal winter.
The warm weather means plants will soon be hitting their peaks.
Homeowners are starting to notice that the winter may have set some of their plants back multiple growing seasons.
The effects of the winter varies by plant.
Lawn care experts tell us the broadleaf evergreen is the most affected plant.
All hope isn't necessarily lost, though.

"Probably the best thing that you can do right now as that damage is showing up is to start pruning it off because when you have some die back on certain types of plants that resulted from winter damage and everything," adds Ryan Cummins, co-owner of the Apple House Home and Garden. "First, that act of pruning sometimes will stimulate new growth and what you want on a new plant to recover is foliage."

Cummins says it's best to have evergreen leaf plants like hollies well-watered before heading into winter, and plant them on the east side of buildings to protect them from the afternoon sun.
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