West Nile in the Wabash Valley

West Nile in the Wabash Valley

13 Indiana Counties have tested positive pools for West Nile and Sullivan County is on the list.

Sullivan County is one of 13 in Indiana that tested positive for West Nile in mosquitos. Although no human cases have been reported, the Vigo County Health Department is urging caution.

A report on West Nile from Vigo County was noted a year ago, when a man, ill-stricken by West Nile passed away. Christina Keller of the Vigo County Health Department said that a normal healthy person can get past West Nile and make a full recovery. Unfortunately, victims that have weaker immune systems will have a harder fight against the virus.

Sullivan County and the surrounding counties should avoid standing water, which can attract mosquitos that have West Nile. Families are also encouraged to wear bug spray that contains beet.

Christina Keller, said that with warmer temperatures going into September, reports of the West Nile virus have a chance to increase.

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