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Washington Launches Sidewalk Replacement Cost-Share Program

Cracks line the sidewalk in front of Bill Babricks's house in Washington, Indiana.
Cracks line the sidewalk in front of Bill Babricks's house in Washington, Indiana.

"It just needs replaced we've had trees here before and they taken them out," Babrick said. 

It's a problem plaguing many of the aging walkways in the town.

"The sidewalks are terrible.It's not just Washington," Terry Wininger said. 

Wininger is the Washington building commissioner.

He says the worsening condition of city sidewalks is why Washington launched a new sidewalk replacement cost-share program.

"I would say it would run between $1,500-$2,000 for each individual homeowner," Wininger said.

That's how much each person participating in the program will save.

The city foots the bill for site prep, tree and stump removal, as well as the demolition of the old sidewalks.

Homeowners are just asked to cover the instillation and labor costs.

"Would you be able to afford it without that help? Probably not. We may have done it further down the road sometime," Babrick said. 

The program is saving people money, and possibly saving lives.

"We have a lot of people here in the city that use the motorized wheelchairs and they have to use the streets because the sidewalks aren't fit to drive them on," Wininger said.

To be considered for this program you must submit an application.
You can pick one up at the building commissioners office in Washington.
The city expects it will be able to help 50-60% of the people who apply.

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