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Wabash Valley Medal of Honor Recipient Honored

The medal of honor was created in 1816 during the Civil War.
A valley man awarded the Medal of Honor in 1905 Was formally remembered, and recognized, for his heroic efforts in a grave-side service Sunday.
Frank Hill served in the U.S. Navy.
In July 1905 a boiler exploded upon the USS Bennington while on the San Diego Harbor.
Hill helped wounded soldiers make it to the top deck of the ship.
He made multiple trips to help others, even passing out twice during his efforts.
For this heroic act he was awarded a peacetime Medal of Honor.
Prior to Sunday, there was no marker on hill's grave a Center Point Cemetery identifying him as a medal of honor recipient.

"He was one of 193 peacetime Medal of Honor recipients and that's kind of extraordinary since hey haven't issued any of those since 1939," Jeff Koehler, Clay County historian said.

The medal of honor was created in 1816 during the Civil War.
Only 3,400 have been awarded since then.
Meaning Hill is a member in a very exclusive group. 
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