Vigo Voters Cast Opinions on Vote Centers

Vigo Voters Cast Opinions on Vote Centers

More than 1,400 people cast their ballots at Kroger north.
The only line at Baesler's Market Wednesday was at the check-out counter.
On Tuesday, a much longer line of a different kind formed in the store.

"I think i said something like O my God, and the lady at the checkout said we've heard that before today," Jim Cottom, a Vigo County voter said.

Cottom says at one point the line to cast a ballot at the Baesler's vote center stretched from the far back corner of the store around a corner and extended the entire length of Aisle 15.

"Baeslers are very wonderful people they were giving people snacks in line and stuff like that," Cottom said.

Grocery shopping and voting looks to be a winning combination.

More than 1,400 people cast their ballots at Kroger north.

"It's a one-stop shop for the elderly, they can come here and get what they need and also take care of that," Susan Alte, a voter in Vigo County said.

Convenience, but at what cost?

Vigo County Clerk Dave Crockett says he understands the frustrations of voters who waited longer than than expected on Election Day.

"I encourage those people to come back and vote again and maybe try another location if someplace else is busy," Crockett said.

Which is exactly what Cottom did this go around.

"I went to the VFW on 12th and Mulberry and there was very little crowd I was probably there five or ten minutes," Cottom said. 

He hopes that's the case again in November.

"This was a non-Presidential election, I hate to think what the numbers might be if we get up to 50%," Cottom said.

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