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Vigo County Schools Tighten Smoking Rules

Vigo County Schools took the first step of three Monday night to tighten rules on smoking. A revision to the current rule would ban the use of electronic cigarettes on school grounds. That rule could be in place as soon as February 10.
Vigo County Schools are one step closer to tightening the rules on electronic cigarettes on school grounds.

Monday night the school board took the first step in the process to changing the rule. The revised version of the code would prevent tobacco use as well as anything that resembles smoking. That includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Ray Azar of the Vigo County School Corporation says they have seen an increase in instances of e-cigarette use over the past year.

"It hasn't been a great problem. There have been a few instances. We have seen more instances this year than we did last year and so what we're trying to do is be proactive," said Azar. "Send the message, clarify what the rules are so we don't have misunderstandings in the future whether they're allowed or not allowed."

The school board will take a second look at the rule at their next meeting on February 10. The revision could be voted on at that time.
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