Vigo County mumps case update

Vigo County mumps case update

Health officials say two students who were showing symptoms of mumps don't have the virus. A Rose-Hulman student has already tested positive for the mumps.

Officials are continuing to monitor area students closely for any sign of the mumps.

We checked with officials Wednesday and learned the Vigo County Health Department has confirmed that two more Rose-Hulman students who were presenting symptoms do not have the virus.

These developments follow Tuesday's announcement that one Rose student had contracted the mumps while visiting the University of Dayton.

After returning to school, the student had contact with Rose and Indiana State University students.

Symptoms of mumps are flu-like, including fever, headaches and fatigue. It can also cause your glands or face to swell up. Mumps is highly contagious and you can still catch it even if you've been vaccinated.

Both schools have alerted everyone on campus and are asking anyone with these symptoms to see their doctor immediately.

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