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Veterans Memorial Disrespected

Sullivan County Veterans Memorial has been subject to vandalism recently.
 Cody Adams, reporter says "One hundred sixty-nine names are etched in stone to be forever memorialized in these monuments. The names of soldiers from Sullivan County that died in battle for our freedom. But recently its been treated more like a trash can."

Gene Hoseman, Vice Commander American Legion Post 139 says "cups, papers, you name it, cigarette butts. And trash up around the memorial behind me here. We've witnessed people sitting on theses stones, and it's just, it's not a chair."

Cody Adams, reporter says "Gene Hoseman is the Vice Commander of the Sullivan American Legion Post 139. The Post paid for all three monuments to be erected on the courthouse lawn. And now all they want in return is the respect the monuments deserve."

Gene Hoseman, Vice Commander American Legion Post 139 says "These men are being disrespected back here and i'm not sure the young people coming out here and doing this have any idea, and if they do, don't care of what these men paid, the price they paid."

Cody Adams, reporter says "And that price they paid is precisely what these monuments are designed to help us remember."

Gene Hoseman, Vice Commander American Legion Post 139 says "If it hadn't of been for them and people like them in these united states, the young people wouln't have the freedoms to do what they's doing today. So, um, I'm not sure they understand, and maybe in the process we can educate a few of them along the way."
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