Veteran Affairs Reform Continues

Veteran Affairs Reform Continues

The VA has been under scrutiny and reform concerning legislation continues.
Lawmakers on capitol hill are working to a pass major v-a reforms.

The house already passed a bi-partisan bill, and now the senate must vote on the matter.

The VA recently came under scrutiny for misconduct, long wait lists, and patient deaths at some VA hospitals.

Under the new legislation, if veterans can't get a VA appointment within 30 days, they'll be able to access care through non VA providers, using a new veterans choice card.

Indiana Senator Joe Donelly says the bill will also benefit people living in rural areas, If say you're more than 40 miles from Terre Haute, you will be able to go to your local doctor in town there and it will be a chance where you can see your private doctor and the cost will be covered by the VA."

Besides VA reform, other matters facing congress including immigration, and renewing the highway trust fund.

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