Temperatures Heat Up and Cooling Companies Get Calls

Temperatures Heat Up and Cooling Companies Get Calls

How to maintain air conditioning units.
There's been a spike in temperatures and that means a spike in calls for local heating and cooling companies.

Air conditioning units are expensive to fix or to replace... so local experts say the safest option is to maintain them.

It's an 89 dollar maintenance fee at Roehm Refrigeration Heating and Cooling. They recommend getting a maintenance check done twice a year for upkeep to your current system.

Owner of Hoosier Heating and Cooling Brian Keilly says the most efficient system is geothermal.

He compares heating and cooling systems to cars... they aren't meant to stop and go. He says to save money on bills and maintain your current system, you should find a comfortable temperature in your home and keep the thermostat set at that.

The one exception: if you're going on vacation. Keilly says it's okay to turn the air off for a few days if you're going to be out of town.

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