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Take control
        An impressive task-managing app is the one called AnyDo for the iPhone/Apple platform and Android devices. It's really a family of apps to run all aspects of your life, you're calendar and your to-do list. It even a planner to help prioritize where you need to be, what you need to do and when you need to do it. It lets you keep separate personal and work managers. This one is free.
        Ah, but some of us need a bit more help. That's where the Hassle Me app for Apple and Android comes in. This app does as it's name implies, it hassles you until your tasks get done. Enter the task and it gives you timed reminders and will keep doing so until you get it done. Yes, it's a nag, but it works, and it's free.
        One more, Wunderlist is all-platform and has a basic free version. For full functionality, pay 4-99 for the pro version. It does all the things a good task manager should do. It also lets you work and plan with others, collaborating on projects and sharing lists.

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