Tech Talk-Tight Spot Apps

Tech Talk-Tight Spot Apps

Don't leave home without these
        If you have a flat or run out of gas, use your Triple A app for a search and rescue. The app is free.
        If you need to administer first aid, then download the First Aid app by the American Red Cross. The free app is already loaded, so you don't need Internet access for it to work.
        If you have a sudden need to make a dinner reservation, try Foursquare or OpenTable. Both apps are free. Your OpenTable account can be accessed alongside your other accounts on Manilla dot com. Manilla is free to.
        Never get lost again. Use the free Waze app. You get real-time traffic info using your phone's GPS function combined with user data. Hit an accident or construction and Waze will re-route you. This app rocks.
        You're ordering dinner and notice many dishes have coriander. You know grandma is allergic to cilantro, but isn't coriander part of the cilantro plant? Or is it marjoram? Or are they all the same? Find out quickly with Global Eater or Epicurious. Global Eater will set you back 99-cents, Epicurious is free.

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