Tech Talk-Tax Season Scams

Tech Talk-Tax Season Scams

Safeguard your money
        The 20-14 tax season is off and running.
        In early February, the I-R-S said it had received more than 27-million returns. That's up 2-point-5 percent from the same time last year.
        Refunds are up, too. Nearly 20-million of those early returns saw money coming back, at an average of just over 33-hundred dollars.
        If you haven't finished your tax return yet - or you haven't started - choose your tax preparer wisely. Avoid those who claim they can get you a larger refund than another preparer. Steer clear of those who base their fee upon how big that refund is.
        The I-R-S says
identity theft is an important issue, scammers finding new ways to swipe data and file fraudulent returns. Vigilance shouldn't end once you've filed and even received your refund. Documents that contain your Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number should stay secure.
        If that information is on your home computer, change passwords regularly and update anti-virus software. Stolen information won't necessarily be used right away, so keep tabs on your credit report throughout the year.

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