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Tech Talk-Apps to Beat the Heat

Oh the humidity
    When a heat wave arrives, stopping our daily routine isn't necessarily an option.  Its important to make changes to keep you and your family safe at home, work and during the daily commute.
    If beating the heat involves time at the pool or on the beach, try the Sun Safe app for iPhone. It will give you information on UV conditions and calculates just how long its safe for your skin.  The app alerts you when its time to go inside or cover up, and also includes tips for sun safety.
    In any heat wave, keeping properly hydrated is crucial.  If you need a healthy reminder to drink up, check out the 'Water Your Body' app for Apple and Android.  It determines how much water you should be drinking based on your weight.  You can also track how much you're drinking on a daily basis.  The app can remind you when to fill your next glass.
    Workers spending their days outdoors can get heat-related help with an app from the Department of Labor.  TheOHSA Heat Safety tool lets outdoor workers calculate the heat index and the level of risk at a worksite.  There are also tips for coping with the heat and recognizing heat-related illnesses.  Advice too, on what to do in case of emergency.
    The American Red Cross First Aid app for Apple and Android has information on a number of potential emergencies.  Good advice on heat-related illnesses and injuries, plus heat safety tips to avoid those conditions in the first place.
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