Students Learn to Step Up

Students Learn to Step Up

Indiana State students were given the opportunity to learn what to do in by-stander problematic situations in case they're faced with an issue in the future.
Indiana State students got the opportunity to learn more about problematic situations, and how to avoid them.

The program is known as Step Up!

It teaches students how to be a leader, and make a difference.

Step Up covers several topics from academics, alcohol, eating disorders, and sexual assault.

According to the program, students believe that 90 percent of those situations could be avoided with an intervention.

Teaching students what to do as a by-stander, could prevent someone else from getting hurt.

Officials want to make it aware that they aren't alone, and that problem situations are more common than they might think.

Aimee Janssen-Robinson, with Indiana State University said, "We are seeing many more students who are interested in helping others, learning some of those knowledge and skills that they can intervene in different situations."

Officials say after students receive training in the by-stander intervention program, they're able to know how to approach others without making it as intimidating.
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