Stadler's Tax Service Opens New Location in Terre Haute

Stadler's Tax Service Opens New Location in Terre Haute

Move down Margaret Avenue to much larger and more functional venue

It's a big day for Stadler's Tax Service in Terre Haute as the ribbon was cut for it's brand new location.

Owner Andy Stadler was joined by local government and business leaders, including 8th District Congressman Larry Buschon.

Stadler's has moved from it's former location on Margaret Avenue down the street to the corner of Margaret and 13th.

The new building features a distinctive sculpture in front to spawn community spirit and also to be a talking point.

There are brand new offices to handle customers and a significant feature is the Aspen Room.

The large meeting area downstairs can accomodate up to sixty people for it's primary purpose of training.

It can also be used for other community events.

Stadler says, "To know tax laws and that changes all the time, every time we have a new election, new congressman, I want to do this on the tax laws, there's lots of changes. It is important, it's critical to know the law and know it exceptionally well and, so, that was the primary purpose for building it but then, we can use it for so many other events now."

The new Stadler Tax Service building also houses a hair salon and other tenants are being lined up currently to locate there.

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