Special Olympics Athlete

Special Olympics Athlete

More than 2,500 athletes will take part in Indiana's Special Olympics Summer Games June 6-8 in Terre Haute.
22-year-old Nick Graves prepares to participate in track and field events at the 2014 Special Olympics Summer Games.

"I've been running outside, weightlifting, doing push ups, sit ups and eating bananas," says Special Olympian Nick Graves

This is Nck's 9th year taking part in Special Olympics, so he knows a lot about training and preparing.

He also knows a lot about overcoming life's obstacles.

Nick was born with Apert Syndrome.

It's a genetic disorder that causes abnormal development of the skull

It also causes webbed hands and feet.

Nick has undergone more than 30 surgeries to correct various problems.

"He still has a few more to go," says Nick's Dad Tim Graves.

Nick's dad says he's so glad Nick participates in Special Olympics.

"I think it give's Nick more confidence to be involved with other people."

Nick has made friends and has won some of his races.

But Nick reminds all of us, Special Olympics is about more than just crossing the finish line first.

"It's not about winning, but it's about trying your best to win."
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