Sochi Hotel Horrors

Sochi Hotel Horrors

Sochi is known as a resort area with tropical climate and close proximity to the black sea. However the small Russian city has been anything but hospitable to some visiting journalists and spectators.
Dirty water, broken furniture and cats. Those are some of the living conditions that greeted people at their hotel when they arrived in Sochi.

"People call up saying they want a 5-star hotel and we say, 'they don't exist'," said travel agent Melinda Pitsaros.

Pitsaros works for a local travel agency, and as she tries to accommodate her guests, she wants them to have realistic expectations.

"[You're] not staying in a Mariott or Hilton, [it's a] bed and breakfast type home or hotel in a small village in Russia," said Pitsaros.

The Vinogradsky's are familiar with the area but even they were surprised by the hotel horror stories they heard.

"It was cold, people were wearing hats, gloves, jackets, everything," said Irina Vinogradsky.

They said their hotel wasn't perfect, but at least it had running water and electricity.

"Everything works really, it's kind of simple but that's fine," said Boris Vinogradsky.

Our team in Sochi says the rooms they are in are perfectly normal.
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