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Schools Canceled, Again

Vigo County Schools are canceled Tuesday. That's the sixth time this month. This time for frigid temperatures. Superintendent Danny Tanoos says he will apply for a waiver from the state for Tuesday's missed classes.
Vigo County Schools' Superintendent Danny Tanoos canceled school for Tuesday early on Monday afternoon. He says cold temperatures kept 17 buses from starting on Monday and Tuesday's temperatures are supposed to be even colder.

"Really comes down, for me, to student and staff safety," said Tanoos.

And that means no school Tuesday in Vigo County. That's for the sixth time this month. Tuesday's cancellation is for frigid temperatures. NBC 2's Weather Authority is expecting wind chills close to 20 degrees below zero at the time kids would normally be waiting at the bus stop.

"Those students in elementary school have to walk within a mile. Our students in middle and high school walk within a mile and half. If you can imagine it being 20 below zero walking a mile to school could take 10, 15, 20 minutes. I think it's just very dangerous for their health. Bus riders waiting at a bus stop is very dangerous," said Tanoos.

Vigo County Schools ran on a two hour delay Monday, also due to frigid temperatures. Despite that delay, several buses still had trouble getting started. So when Tanoos heard Tuesday would be even colder, he said closing school was an easy decision.

"We delayed them hoping it would get a little warmer and it didn't," said Tanoos. "You're talking about other factors, you're talking about buses not starting, you're talking about the possibility of power outages."

Tanoos made the call for Tuesdsay early on Monday afternoon. Some parents criticized him on our Facebook page. One viewer things all the cancellations are teaching VCSC students bad habits. Others applauded his ruling and like Tanoos, were concerned about students who walk.

"It really comes down to, do I want to have school just for the sake of having school while risking students and staff safety," said Tanoos.

Tanoos said he will apply for a waiver from the state for Tuesday's cancellation. That means students would not have to make up the missed class. He hopes to hear back on that within the next few weeks. As of now the last day of school is June 6.
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