Safety Plan for Outside

Safety Plan for Outside

Stay safe outdoors
        Severe weather season can bring flooding, thunderstorms and tornadoes.
        Flash flooding is a threat we face in the Valley. It's the number one weather-related killer most years. In weather, we say "turn around, don't drown." Several inches of fast-moving water can pick up a vehicle, and carry it and you into danger.
        Another big threat is lighting. Lightning increases as the number of thunderstorms increase in the summer months. "When it roars, go indoors." On average, 53 people are killed by lightning each year, hundreds injured.
        If outside, your vehicle can provide protection from wind, rain and lightning. The frame will absorb a strike.
        Get out of the water, get out of a boat. Water is a conductor. You do not want to be on water when's there's lightning.
        Spring and summer bring more outdoor activities. If you're caught outside when lightning hits, do not get under a tree or any metal structure.
        And if a tornado is near and you're in your vehicle with no chance to get away or take shelter, stay put. The National Weather Service recommends pulling off, buckling up and hanging on tight. Not ideal, but the vehicle will offer some protection.

Severe Weather Preparedness



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