Rose-Hulman is B-Strong for a Special Faculty Member

Rose-Hulman is B-Strong for a Special Faculty Member

Rose-Hulman as B-Strong spirit for their cheerleading coach and faculty member goes through cancer for the second time.
The Rose-Hulman community were B-Strong today as they raised money for a special faculty member.

Bretta Schriner is the Administrator Assistant and the Cheerleading Coach.

The stomp on pancreatic cancer fundraiser was held to raise money for her medical expenses.

Bretta was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the young age of 25.

After going through surgery, and being cancer free, she found out her cancer was back.

The fundraiser was full of spirit with 14 campus organization participants.

Schriner said, "It's really special, it's really a blessing to be apart of the Rose-Hulman community. I don't know all of the students that are here, which shows the better support, more support. Just the cheerleaders are amazing. I've only been coaching for two years and they are already doing something like this. It just really shows that support and the love."

Despite the bad news, Bretta is more than optimistic and is ready to beat cancer for the second time.
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