Robinson Bus Refresher Course Underway

Robinson Bus Refresher Course Underway

With the school year quickly approaching bus drivers in Robinson, Illinois get a refresher course on bus rules and regulations preparing for a safe school year.
Robinson bus drivers gathered Monday morning for a refresher course. The course included going over the laws that are already in place and also discussing the new laws that go into effect this fall.

The course is an annual training that the transportation office puts on every summer before the school years begins. Bus drivers are trained how to properly use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire.

Many of the drivers had several questions regarding the capacity of the bus, as well as the proper wait times if the students are not at the stop at the scheduled time. Angela Langley, transportation coordinator, addressed the questions in the course.

Langley said even if drivers are over the capacity of one single student, they must pull over and call for another bus to come get the student.

Following the rules and regulations are far more important for the safety of the children than trying to keep the schedule, according to Langley.

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