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Rate Hikes for East Side Economic Project

Work has begun on the east side of Terre Haute for the new Miejer. But any further development could be halted by high voltage power lines running through the area. The Terre Haute Airport Board says the price to move the power lines increased 20 percent.
Crews have began  working on Terre Haute's most recent economic addition. They've turned some dirt at the new Miejer location. but further development could be halted by these power lines.

"It looks small on paper. It's just taking a line and putting a few right angles in it and having it continue along it's current path. The entire area probably isn't two miles that we're going to change," said Bill Foraker, Terre Haute Airport Board Interim Director.

The high voltage power lines must be moved to allow for further construction on the Meijer, but the airport must pay for the work with tax payer money. Foraker says that puts the him and his staff in a difficult position.

"The only reason we're doing it is we think we have the opportunity to recover that money over a few years. It's also if we don't do this it then hinders the development of Terre Haute," said Foraker

He says they were originally told the project would cost $382,000. Now, the price stands at $455,000. We reached out to duke energy about the increase. They gave us a statement that said they attribute the rate hikes to a longer path for the power lines and creating more work for the crews. But Foraker says the price isn't the only problem

"We've had a little frustration in working with duke folks to number one try to get timely information and number two to try to get accurate pricing information," said Foraker.
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