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Police Need Public's Help Identifying Homicide Victim

The Vigo County Sheriff's Department is investigating a homicide after a man's body was found in the Wabash River. An autopsy was conducted on Monday, but police don't know the man's identity.
Law enforcement is searching for answers in a homicide investigation.

It all started after a man's body was found in the Wabash River. Now, authorities say they need the public's help.

On Sunday night, a fisherman and his son found a man floating in the Wabash River, just one mile south of I-70.

Crews responded to the scene and pulled him out of the water.

The Vigo County Coroner conducted an autopsy on Monday, but police still don't know the man's identity.

Police say the man didn't have any ID on him and didn't have any visible tattoos.

Law enforcement is taking several steps to find answers, but could also use the public's help.

"We're going to start with fingerprints. We're also looking at missing person's reports across the two state area. We've also notified law enforcement in Indiana and Illinois to notify us of any similar reports that might be missing," says Vigo County Chief Deputy Clark Cottom.

The victim was a white man, about 5'7" tall. He was between 35 and 55 years of age. He also broke his right femur sometime within the past five to seven years.

If you know anyone who is missing and matches this description, call the Vigo County Sheriff's Department at 812-462-3226.
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