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Plows Damage Property in Wabash Valley

Snow plows haul down roads in the Wabash Valley clearing them of snow, but also piling it up on the sides of the road. Some mailboxes are crumbling under the weight of the snow or being hit by the plows. INDOT says it's likely the responsibility of the owner. But you can file a claim with the department.
Amanda Curtis found her mailbox bent over after a plow passed her house. Andy Pickering lives just down the road. His mailbox was completely off its post and lying in a snow drift.

"Have to clear the roads so our mailboxes take a beating," said Pickering.

Plows haul down roads to clear them from the latest snow fall, mean while it piles up on the side of the road on top of many mailboxes.

"It's where it's supposed to be for the mail person so if you move it back then they can't get to it because she'll be off the road," said Pickering.

INDOT says it's the resident's responsibility to replace the mailbox. Some of them collapse under the sheer weight of the snow. The only way the state will replace it is if the plow runs it over.

"I called them a couple years ago and exactly, they won't cover that," said Pickering.

"It really upsets me because it's a problem they caused and it's like it's an incident they caused they should have to pay for it," said Curtis.

Pickering fixed his mailbox the same way he did after the last time it was knocked off, with duct tape. He says there's no point in buying a new one when it'll happen the next time plows come down State Road 246. The Curtis family says, for now, they'll do the same.

"Try to put it back up there, maybe bring some screws," said Curtis.

You can file a claim with INDOT by calling their customer service line at 1-800-279-5768.
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