Not So Tough Guy

Not So Tough Guy

ISU strength and conditioning coach Dave McMannus shows his soft side this weekend.
More than 2,500 athletes will compete this weekend in the Summer Special Olympics of Indiana.

One of the most exciting competitions is the powerlifting, Dave Breen with Special Olympics Indiana says "when I first got here in 1993 we had 30, 38 to 40 power lifters."

But 4 years ago it was almost erased from the games. That is when strength and conditioning director of ISU David McMannus stepped up. The event needed a new venue and McMannus agreed to have the event in the Indiana State athletics weight room. McMannus says "I thought what a great opportunity for us to host that here and have it. And so we did, they came in and you know the first year was good and fun and we've guilt every year.

Now four years later the event has increased numbers in competitors and is as strong as ever.

McMannus says "you know there's a crowd, people are cheering, people are high-fiving, they're getting medals, that's a big deal. Where else is that happening? To be part of that, it humbles you and it shows you what it truly means to compete."

The weight lifting competition at the Special Olympics begins Friday at noon.

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