New Leadership at Union Hospital

New Leadership at Union Hospital

Steven M. Holman will now lead Union Hospital of Terre Haute, Union Hospital Clinton, and Union Hospital Medical group as President and CEO.
Steven Holman is the new President and CEO of Union Hospital and has been on the job for just three days.

But he is already very passionate about the mission of Union Hospital, and he's looking forward to working at a place with such a great tradition.

Holman is a seasoned Health Administrator who comes to Terre Haute from Cincinnati.

With Union Hospital seeing more 400,000 patients each year, he's got a big job ahead of him.

He says there's a great tradition at Union that he wants to continue as he guides the hospital into the future.

Holman stated, "We've got some great technology, good innovation, that's occurring. Just the delivery health care, to build upon that for health care reform, and Obama Care that we have, and all of the changes that are coming about to help to union hospital be successful in that environment for the community."

It's not just all those patients that Holman will look out for, but he also has the responsibility of leading more than two thousand employees.

In 2014 Union Hospital was named one of the best places to work in Indiana for the 6th time, so he hopes to continue that performance.

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